Comparing Childhood Obesity And Obesity Essays

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With all the technology that is available today obesity found in children and
Adolescents is found to be an epidemic crisis worldwide. Approximately 2.8 million deaths occur per year from obesity. International Obesity Taskforce and the World Health Organization estimate there are more than 200 million overweight or obese children worldwide. The bulk of overweight children live in less affluent countries which are least geared for and, technically and economically, least able to deal with the rising numbers of overweight children. Several physical and mental health conditions are linked to childhood obesity, including orthopedic problems, menstruation problems, sleep trouble, depression, anxiety, and diabetes. Obesity is strongly related to many diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and different types of cancers. Studies also show that obesity is associated with a higher rate of being obese as an adult. Childhood obesity has created many causes, including personal behaviors, genetic factors, and dietary habits. We have also learned over the last 50 years that environmental factors are based on the quantity amount of food eaten and quantity of body activity contribute to childhood obesity. Evidence shows genetics as well as hormones in children has a role in being overweight. The imbalance between energy expenditure and energy…

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