Comparing Biological And Sociological Theories Essay

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Comparing Biological and Sociological Theories in Regards to Criminology
Two popular schools of thought in regards to the deviation of humans from social norms, biological and sociological. Biological theories focus on the mind as the center of the personality and the major determinant in controlling human behavior: so, it’s what we are (Schmalleger, 2014. p. 44). Sociological theories analyze social structure and the interaction of social processes as they affect socialization and the impact they have on social life (behavior). Both theories offer a plethora of information and research supporting their hypothesis. It is the purpose of this dissertation to provide evidence supporting that both biological and sociological issues can contribute to difficult, unmanageable, even sociopathic, children. Focus will initially be on the biological theory of criminology, followed by sociological theory.
Biological Theories
Cesare Lombrosco, a nineteenth-century Italian medical criminologist, headed the Italian School of Criminology. This Classical School of thought focused on a biological interpretation of human deviance; ergo, humans can be born with organic deficiencies (e.g., genetic, physical makeup), which can contribute to a person’s propensity for criminal behavior. Biological theorists for the most part believe that behavior is predetermined (Jeremiah 1:5). There is current data which deduces that neurological and physical deviations can cause humans to wreak crime.…

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