Comparing Bernini's David And Apotheosis Of Saint Ignaius

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The Baroque period was a magnificent era. Filled with new ideas and simply extravagant art. From the alluring paintings drawing you into their beauty to the sculptures that appear as real people. The Baroque period was sincerely a grandiose time. A honorable representation of this time would be Bernini’s David and Pozzo’s Apotheosis of Saint Ignatius. These two works of art are similar in only trivial ways such as they both have a religious background. Bernini’s David is the representation of the classic bible story David and Goliath. The sculpture shows david preparing to launch a rock at Goliath. The way his body is positioned fabricates contrasts of light. Similar to Bernini’s David, Pozzo’s Apotheosis of Saint Ignatius also shows contrast in light but in a very different …show more content…
The figures were painted with skill and attention to detail. Every inch of the ceiling is covered in paint and dedication. Pozzo painted with a technique where the figure was extended backward at an angle to break the barrier between the painted space and the way the viewer looks at the painting. This technique made the painting come alive and become more tantalizing. These two extravagant works of art were held in high regard during the baroque times. Not only did Bernini and Pozzo create these two masterpieces they also made many other sculptures and paintings some including The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by Bernini and Admittance of Hercules to Olympus by Pozzo. These masterpieces are simple yet extravagant. Bernini’s David shows the simple task of throwing a rock that is in a sling, yet the story behind the action makes the stone come alive in a more vibrant way. The tense look on his face and the determination are enough to tell the whole story of David’s struggle. In Pozzo’s Apotheosis of Saint Ignatius he shows the many different stories of men and women illustrated by enchanting

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