Essay about Comparing Beowulf And Tolkien 's The Hobbit

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The connections of heroism and parallels found in Beowulf and Tolkien’s the Hobbit are not new. For instance, the subject was written about in Roger Sales Modern Heroism and James Hodge’s essay “The Heroic Profile of Bilbo Baggins” (Glenn). J.R.R. Tolkien was a professor of English and loved the tale of Beowulf. Being as it may, its easily imaginable that some scenes, characters, and symbols made it into his book, the Hobbit. Others have also stated that Tolkien’s essay Of Monsters and Critics influenced Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf. True or not the two titles have many story aspects in common. Parallels from the characters, plot, and heroic hierarchy provide evidence to show how Beowulf influenced the Hobbit. The first, and most obvious, connection between the stories are the two dragons. Beowulf suggests that the dragon awoke to the awareness that a thief had trespassed onto his hoard. “When the dragon awoke…he saw footprints of the prowler who had stolen too close to his dreaming head. (Heaney 87-90)” The reader gets an impression that the dragon acts similar to a bloodhound casting about for the scent left by the trespasser. Likewise, when Smaug awakens, he realizes that a cup is missing. Thus, both dragons inflict terror on the towns where the thief supposedly lives or associates. The dragons are not only inspired by hatred, but also by greed; they want to cause anguish and have their possession returned. Also, both of these dragons have a bestial life and…

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