Comparing and Contrasting an Medc and Ledc Essay

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Comparing and contrasting a LEDC and MEDC

James Sweeney 9E-

In this project I will be comparing and contrasting and LEDC and MEDC of my choice and critically evaluate each country, it’s resources, wealth and other demographic indicators and then showing examples of a demographic transition models (DTM’s) and population pyramid for each country. The two countries I am going to study are; The UK (MEDC) and Ethiopia (LEDC).

How do we define a MEDC from a LEDC?

An MEDC is an abbreviation for a More Economically Developed Country for example the UK, Canada, Germany and many more. An LEDC is the abbreviation for a Less Economically Developed Country. They are categorised as either an
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When buying food, many only buy what suits personal preference or taste, whereas in a LEDC the people can’t afford to have the luxury of a wide range of choice. Food which is on the shelves in Supermarkets, is imported from various countries which the UK trades with due to globalisation, only recently since awareness of Global warming has local produce been sold more frequently in shops.

By Contrast:

The staple foods for basic nourishment are irregularly available to an LEDC country and the people of Ethiopia suffer from under consumption of calories on a daily basis, as many fail to meet the basic dietary requirements, one of the reasons being there are very few jobs created in the country ( this mainly is due to poor education) and prices fluctuate. Although there are many farming jobs in Ethiopia the best produce is sold to richer countries. With the lack of money, choice of food is very restricted, and the fine selection depends on nutritional value and affordability. Another influential factor is the political and economical agendas can affect food production e.g. cash cropping. Finally even if food crops are not used as cash crops, food production is affected as the arable land is being occupied all the same.


The UK prides itself in having clean water provided to its

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