Comparing Ancient Sparta And The Spartan Military Essay

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Ancient Sparta was Greece’s only real military city-state, where men, women, and children were born into and lived in a military force. Sparta had three main classes, the helots were slaves, the perioeci were the middle class, and the spatriata was the ruling class. The life for a young boy had many more aspects than life for a young girl. Spartan women were treated better than women in other Greek city-states. The Spartan military was one of the most powerful militaries in all of history. The way Sparta carried out their life and their city was much different than other Greek societies. The Spartan military was trained to be the most powerful, paying attention to every detail of training and strength starting at birth. The Spartan military had a very strict code of honor that the soldiers followed. If a soldier did not follow his code of honor, such as always acting calmly and protecting their fellow soldiers, they would be dishonored and lose their Spartan citizenship. Although the Spartan military was strong, they did not like to move far from their society. The Spartan military’s biggest weakness was homesickness. They turned down multiple battles because of having to march far from their home. Sparta’s military skills were fairly restricted to land, but they did have a strong navy during the Persian war. The Spartan military had many close falls during their time as a city-state, but their ultimate end was around 464 BC. The Spartan society was split into three…

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