Comparing African Americans And Native Americans Essay examples

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When it comes to comparing African Americans and Native Americans, there are many similarities and differences between two racial minorities. Something that can be similar and different is the food. Native Americans eat corn, squash, beans, meat, and much more. African Americans, on the other hand, eat the same foods, but they also eat a kind of food called soul food. According to Johnnetta B. Cole, her grandma would often times make “…biscuits, bacon and ham from their smoke house, homemade applesauce, grits, beans, pork chops…” (Cole, 1970, p.56). Both African Americans and Native Americans were forced to leave their homelands. African Americans were forced to leave their homes during the slave trades to come to America. Native Americans were also forced to leave their homes, but instead of going over the seas they had to move west across the United States. Two racial minority groups also believed in different Gods. Before African Americans came to the United States, they believed in different Gods depending on their religions. After they came to America, however, as mentioned earlier, they had to change to Christianity or Islam. Native Americans also believed in different Gods. Both minorities prayed to Gods and other spirits and ancestors. Although two minorities have different languages that they originally spoke, and depending on where they are located still speak. However, when they either came to America or were around the Caucasians for so many generations, they…

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