Comparing A Five Years ' Expedition, Against The Rebelled Negroes Of Surinam, By John Gabriel Stedman

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The illustration, Narrative, of a five years ' expedition, against the revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, composed by John Gabriel Stedman in 1796 depicts a Dutch soldier who is John Gabriel Stedman, himself, standing over a fallen slave from a Dutch slave colony of Suriname, South America, in 1773. This illustration depicts the empowerment that the Dutch had over the “maroon” people of the Dutch village. Not only do you see the empowerment that the Dutch had embodied, one may see the difference between wealth and poverty when examining this image. This becomes evident when looking at the clothing that they are both wearing. John Gabriel Stedman pictures himself in this portrait and he is fully clothed in his military attire, which covers most of his body and skin, whereas the slave that is forced to the ground can be seen only wearing one article of clothing that is keeping his private area from being revealed, exhibiting a comprehensible difference in wealth and poverty. In addition to the dissimilarity between the wealth and poverty in this image, one can make out that the weapons pictured are a clear sign of wealth and poverty. The wealthy were able to afford high-quality weapons that inflict more damage such as rifles, pistols, and swords, which John Gabriel Stedman has one him. Considering that these slaves were poor and in poverty due to the slavery epidemic occurring, they did not have the proper resources to gain high power weapons hence the reason why the man…

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