Comparing 1984 And Don 't Let That Shadow Touch Them Essay

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1984, a novel written by George Orwell in 1949 (in the wake of World War II), explores a dystopian future where every action is monitored by the government and the world is constantly at war to maintain class discrepancies by using up resources. The novel’s opening page begins establishing the world’s condition in the year 1984. “Don’t Let That Shadow Touch Them” is a poster created in 1942 by Lawrence Beall Smith in the midst of World War II in the United States of America to inspire the population to support the war effort. Both texts focus heavily on war and dominance of governments, issues still debated in the modern world. Despite differing in format, 1984 and “Don’t Let That Shadow Touch Them” both employ similar stylistic features to highlight the shared theme of the dangers of totalitarian government.
Both texts use negative diction to emphasize the dangers of oppressive government. In the opening page of 1984, Orwell describes the world as “vile,” “gritty,” and “rotting.” These words all share negative connotations, though with different nuances. “Vile” connotes evil and disgust, suggesting the world created by the government of Oceania contains evil and deserves to be hated. “Gritty” connotes determination and toughness, alluding to the resilience of governments that control their people. One connotation of “rotting” is that of decaying foods (such as meat or fruit) and the displeasure that arises from smelling or tasting them, linking the scenery to that distaste.…

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