Compare Utopia And Dystopia

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In a seemingly way, a Utopia is thought to be an idealistic way of living. A utopia is a perfect place where everyone is happy, free and equal for the most part. usually a utopia seems to be a very wonderful place on the surface, but has corruption under it. by corruption this could mean a harsh government, or a monarchy, a sacrifice or just a bad sponge. distopias on the other hand are the opposite of utopias, for the most part that is. dystopias are just corrupt over all, and dystopia does not try to hide that at all. Now that we got the differences out of the way, the similar theme that both utopias and dystopias share is they both have corruption, but sometimes to me personally a utopia and a dystopia are no different than each other because …show more content…
this utopia seemed to be perfect, they had music everywhere and for the most part everyone was happy. everyone living in that utopia had a fair way of living but under one way of sacrifice which was the boy in the closet. the boy in the closet couldn 't be cared too one bit and had to live in a very cruel manner locked away from society. this was the sacrifice Moore”s utopia made to have their “happiness” and utopia, or dystopia if you ask me. one thing in that was special about that utopia was if you didn 't agree with the situation you were able to leave, causing this utopia to have more freedom. sacrifice was also made in harrison, but this sacrifice was made for the sake of equality. in harrison this utopia had a harsh government which enforced equality by using technology to disable everyone to the same level of intellect, thinking and ability. the sacrifice they made was the use of disabling technology for equality. the use of technology also plays a big role in the stories we cover. this utopia has equality but no self expression or freedom in other words, which causes me to think, is this really a …show more content…
the promethean myth had the gods in charge and in government power. prometheus takes the technology of fire from the gods and gives it to the humans,because he cared for their development and wanted to end the misery. for that action zeus punishes him by having him chained for eternity while and eagle came and ate his insides everyday. yet again we see that technology plays a big role in this story, it causes a revolution and leads to the development of humans. because life was hard for humans, they needed fire, while gods had it as a luxury. this over power not letting an under power have something it need just because of greed is a way of dystopia in my eyes, and to have the savior punished just confirms it to me even more.

it seems like the largest factor to these utopias and dystopias seems to be harsh governments for the most time. governments seem to be connecting all of the stories that we have covered together. sacrifice is also another thing these stories have in similar, it seems as if the governments sacrifice freedom for equality to make a utopia take harrison and moore’s utopia for example. which i find quite ironic because, in order to have freedom and happiness you can 't have a harsh

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