Compare the Ways the in Which the Writers of Flight and Compass and Torch Show Characters Coming to Terms with Growing Up.

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Compare the Ways the in which the Writers of Flight and Compass and Torch show Characters coming to terms with growing up.

Growing up will always be a greatly discussed topic for writers, regardless of genre, time period or their own personal experiences. Stories about growing up have been a part of fiction throughout history, with great authors such as J.M Barrie, CS Lewis and even Stephen King adding their own contributions. The pieces discussed in this essay have very different views on growing up and are told from very different perspectives. One from an elderly man wishing his granddaughter would stay young forever and one from a young boy trying to be much older then his respective years.

Flight, by Doris Lessing, is the
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Both of the writers use very evocative imagery in the stories. In Compass and Torch, ‘Beyond the gate is the open moor, pale in the early evening with bleached end-of-summer grass, bruised here and there with heather and age-old spills of purple granite’ is the first example of many suggestive descriptions that conjure images of the dark rugged terrain, it is not a coincidence that the description fits with the Snowdonia mountains in Baines’s native Wales. She uses the wilds as a metaphor for the uncharted terrain the man and boy are negotiating in their new relationship, in contrast to the stable and homely setting when the boy is at home with his mother.

Similarly, Flight has very a descriptive setting but with much bolder and brighter colours than the dark greys and greens of Compass and Torch. ‘The dark red soil’, ‘a stream of rich green grass’ and ’the pink flowers’ all set a bright and idyllic tone to the railway cottage and surrounding land where the story is set. Lessing’s metaphor is different to Baines’s, Lessing’s colourful home represents the childhood and innocence of the granddaughter. It’s isolated location adding to the image of safety against the intrusion of the outside world, its maturity and corrupting influence.

Baines’s use’s her control of information in the Compass and Torch much more than Lessing. In Flight, the only glaring lack of

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