Compare the Operations Strategies of Ryanair and a Full-Service Airline Such as British Airways or Klm / What Do You Think Are the Qualifying and Order-Winning Factors for (a) a Top-of-the-Range Ferrari, and (B) a

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Compare the operations strategies of Ryanair and a full-service airline such as British Airways or KLM.
Low-cost airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet differ from classier bigger companies like the British Airways. There are reasons, why Ryanair is much cheaper than the British Airways. Main difference is the service itself. British Airways offers everything with a wider variety, and everything a little better. The seats are bigger, with more legroom, there is a wide menu available including special orders considering kosher, vegetarian, or any kind of allergies. You get better baggage limitations, are allowed to take wider variety of special equipment with you (some need to be declared). The baggage care is also better, low cost
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As for Renault Clio, it is made to be compact, pretty and economical, so they try to minimize costs to keep their product running against competitors. Clios are assembled on the assembly lines and almost all of it is automatized, probably a new car is made every other minute. Sales are different too. You can’t just walk in and buy a new model Ferrari. After the announcement of a new model, it usually takes more than a year of waiting in the queue to get yours. As for Clio, you can get one any time you want and you cant expect that a 300,000 Ferrari sales in quantities are as much as the Clio’s.

Every Food-Chain restaurant is a little different from one-another. That’s how they build the brand value and take their share in the mass competition. McDonalds was set to meet three goals from the beginning: Low price, Fast service, Delicious. Even the slogan from 60s was Real Good, and Still Only 15 Cents, now it’s I`m loving it, because every already knows that its cheap. Even today they haven’t changed their strategies. They don’t have a wide variety of products, but they always meet their goal formula: fast, cheap, delicious. McDonalds’s biggest competitor Burger King does not have the same goals. Their slogan is “have it your way”, because of a lot of customization available on the menu. Apart from the standard menu, which is bigger than McDonalds has, you can build your own burgers. Also timing is

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