Refugee Blues Analysis Essay

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The portrayal of sorrow in ‘’The Last Night’’ and ‘’Refugee Blues’’ varies between each piece. In Refugee Blues it describes how the Jewish were treated and rejected even when they are in times of hardship. Similarly the Last Night also focuses on the innocence of the Jews; it portrays the Jewish people in their last glimpse of freedom before they reach the concentration camps, and compels the dehumanisation of the children as well as the adults. The portrayal of rejection and how they were isolated and abandoned from the society is also visible in Refugee Blues through both the language and content.

The use of the Blues in the tittle and the Blues rhythm of the poem puts emphasis on the idea of sadness "say this city has ten million souls,
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Refugee’s blues’ theme is more based on rejection and dehumanisation, the refugee couple is rejected throughout their journey as they are desperate for shelter and food. The Last Nights theme was more on isolation and being abandoned from the …show more content…
In 'Refugee Blues ' and 'The Last Night ' there is an extended metaphor which implies dehumanisation; it refers to the Jews to animals but in 'Refugee Blues ' the Jews are shown even worse than animals: "poodle in a

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