Sylvia Plath And Elizabeth Bishop Poetry Analysis

This essay will argue the similarities and differences of two superior female poets, who left a big mark on world poetry. The two American poets are Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop. These two poets have many things in common, like their close writing styles, as well as the ability to strike a deep chord within the reader, by using metaphors in order to describe their personal life events and feelings too.
Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932 – February 11, 1963) is 21 years younger than Elizabeth Bishop (February 8, 1911 – October 6, 1979). This confirms the fact that their writing provides different points of view from cultural aspects. Moreover, both Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop have won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Bishop died on 6
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The poem by Elizabeth Bishop is "Roosters", while the analyzed poem by Sylvia Plath is "Sow". Even in the very titles of the poems are similar, sow and rooster which are domestic, farm animals.
About the poem "Roosters", it is shown that the whole story and the entire event takes place on a farm, wheras the interpretation of the poem is to relateted with the general relationship between men and woman. There is also a biblical interpretation of the same poem related to Jesus Christ and Peter. However the other interpretation can be seen that each rooster is represented as saying "this is my farm, this is where I live and this is my wife (hens)".Regarded that the term "wife" is replaced by " hens", presenting the creative use of metaphor to represent the dominance of men over women, or more precisely the dominance of male over
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By her writings, Bishop is trying to resist to the one who will be involved in her life. In her poems, which she uses as a personal weapon, usually can be seen the fightings or struggles in the name of art, sexuality and lesbianism. For certain issues, most commonly she uses sleep instead alertness, suggesting the use of relevant tricks in her style of writing.
Sylvia Plath is represented as a typical confessional poet that writes her poems in a prose style. In her poem “Sow”, by detail analyses, we can see that the overall plot summary is practically, how some local children’s desire to view their neighbor’s sow and how they go about doing it. For this purpose, the author used descriptions such as for example "piggy banks" and "parslied sucklings" in order to describe the pig with frequently changing styles.
In that manner, she wrote: “Of a sow lounged belly-bedded on that black compost, Fat-rutted eyes Dream-filmed. What a vision of ancient hoghood mus Thus wholly engross The great grandam! – our marvel blazoned a knight, Helmed, in

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