Aristotle's Noble Person Analysis

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Kathy Szelag
Final Exam

1. Compare Mr. Knightly with Aristotle's noble person
Over the course of the semester we have discussed Aristotle and his notion of nobility. A noble person, in Aristotle’s mind, must clearly understand the concepts behind courage and virtue. He believes that honor is central to this notion of nobility. He believes that a person can only be courageous if they perform an action for the sake of nobility. He relates courage to responsibility and the difference between performing an action and the actual motivations behind performing an action. For example, a person who chooses to do the right thing naturally because it is the right thing to do. People are either recognized or criticized for their actions. Even if a person
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We learned very quickly in the beginning of the novel that Emma really had no guidance besides her own. And then we learned that her moral education wasn’t quite the best. Emma believed that class, money, and being social are the center of the universe in her town. She was all about events and meeting with others to discuss and gossip. It began when she took Harriet under her wing and attempted to transform her and bring her into the higher society in Highbury. However, she made an abundance of mistakes along the way. The choices that Emma made weren’t for the right reasons and she didn’t have the right motivations. She saw Harriet as a cry for help and wanted to transform her to fight her own societies standards. Those weren’t exactly the right motivations behind her actions. The right motivation would have been seeing Harriet and wanting to truly and naturally be her friend and lead her in to a prosperous path. She was a coward because she constantly tried to set Harriet up with Mr. Elton and when it all went South she kind of hid and wished it would go away. She felt bad about what her action did and how they hurt Harriet but she rarely owned up to it and made things right. As the novel played out, Emma was very rude to Mrs. Bates at an event which Mr. Knightly confronted her about. In addition, she looked at every materialistic aspect about a person and she judged them because of it, if they are worthy of her presence or not. When Mrs. Elton and Mr. Elton came back to town Emma began to grow competitive and she wanted to make her social level known. Mr. Knightly is the one who altered Emma’s morality into something slightly more positive. He would give her reality checks and tried to guide her to do the right thing for the right reason. At the beginning of the novel she had no remorse for her actions and she just went along with her life without

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