Essay on Compare Leadership Styles Between Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt

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Lecturer: Dr. Brian O’Reilly

Title: Compare and Contrast Two Leaders

Executive Summary
This paper would take leadership into account by comparing and contrasting two well-known leaders in General Electric (GE). The paper first introduces two leaders with some brief biographies, characteristics and their contribution to the GE. It then looks at who would be the more effective leader by providing with some aspects of leadership. It then comes up with some skills these people employed in their leadership to help GE growth rapidly during 1990s till now. The next part will put a conclusion and some recommendations about leadership for potential leaders in the future.

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Welch’s definition of leadership concentrates on downsizing, speed, simplicity, self-confidence and stretching that helped him lead GE growth on the right way. (see Reference #4)
In the reign of Jeff Immelt from 2001 till now, he is still using the leadership style in the Welch’s way but with some innovation and transformation. Under his own leadership style, Immelt emphasizes on personal responsibility, importance of alignment and time management, trust and understanding people. (see Reference #5)
It could be seen that, Welch employed a stern and ruthless style that was criticized a lot when he decided to downsize 10 percent of workforce who underperformed at any place in GE without giving them another chance to improve. Immelt also employed downsizing as one of the key to success but at a limited level. In respect of business effectiveness, Welch outperformed Immelt since Welch lead GE to one of the biggest companies in the world till 2001 when he retired. In respect of leadership, Immelt outperformed Welch since he is much supported by many people including President Obama. (see Appendix B, Story 3)
With respect to theories of leadership, Welch employed an autocratic but charismatic style while Immelt is using a democratic and charismatic style in managing GE.
2.2. Emotional

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