Compare Christian Theism And Postmodernism

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Register to read the introduction… Each also has a set of ideas to which the follower adheres to, in order to live a fulfilled life. However, these set of guidelines, if you will, are vastly different and lead to different ends. Christian theism principles are based upon the existence of God while postmodernism principles are based upon individual and/or personal reasoning. Sire goes as far to state, “…Theism is a complete worldview because it has a basis for metaphysics, ethics, and epistemology” while “…postmodernism is more than, and less than a worldview” (Sire, 2004). So how do we promote Christian theism over postmodernism? How can one be persuaded to pick one view over the other? People are still thinking and searching, therefore it is imperative to understand the underlying thoughts of theism and …show more content…
The lesson in this is simple because it shows us God created this world out of nothing, therefore, the idea of a big bang is something of a falsity. God created this world in an orderly fashion which took Him exactly six days because He rested on the seventh. Easy to see is how God represents order and how He would never promote anything chaotic, evil, or be compared / confused with the big bang theory. Christian theism believes, “Human beings are created in the image of God and thus possess personality, self-transcendence, intelligence, morality, gregariousness and creativity” (Sire, 2004). God has given everyone, not just Christians, the ability to know and understand the differences between right and wrong, as well as, have the intelligence of making sound decisions. Instead of being influenced by the thoughts and views of other people we should be able rather think for ourselves and search out the meaning of real

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