Compare Buddhism And Christianity

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Religion is a system of beliefs that avoid the worship of God or Gods and pray, ritual, and moral codes. As there are plenty of religions that are worldwide such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and etc. Religions are always getting compared to each other to show what religion fits your belief. As I have done research on different religions. I have choose to compared and contrast Buddhism and Christianity. The top two religions that are always talk about and information is always appearing or spoken upon. Although they are two different religions coming from different sides of the globe. One thing to keep in mind is that the two religions are very different but they seem to have a very similar pattern.
The Christianity religion, has its pros and cons in society. Although there are hundreds of people that follows the religion. There are also hundreds of people that follow other religions. Pros that Christianity have are maintain a positive spirt about Jesus, forgiveness, kind hearted, faith and it’s plenty more. Christianity faith is their relationship with God.
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Buddhism is very different in certain people eyes. A lot of other religions don’t always look into other religion as their own. Pros in Buddhism, shows that there are a lot of logical and evidence that support most of the claims that are being spoken upon throughout the world. The Buddha believe that you shouldn’t believe anything you hear even if he said it, unless you agree with your own logic and beliefs. It’s peace throughout their religion. Encouraging each other. As of the cons there has been misinterpreted that many people think Buddhists think life must be suffering because of the first noble truth. As they consider it as a life is suffering. People consider Buddha as a god. As there are stated fact that Buddha was just a man. . Life of death of a Buddhism is that one has attained Nirvana, he or she will be reborn into any planes of

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