Compare and Contrast Essay

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Comparison/Contrast Paper on the Psychoanalytical, Existential, and Person Centered Therapies
BSHS 312
February 6, 2012
Paula Krasselt

Comparison and Contrast of the Psychoanalytical, Existential, and Person Centered Therapies Throughout the centuries, different methods and techniques have been developed to help enhance the quality of therapy for people who suffer from different types of behaviors. Many theories about how and what therapy is and most effective techniques have also been sought out and applied. These include psychoanalytical, existential, and person-centered therapies. All have different techniques with yet the same goal is to find a cure and treat the individual’s issue. Through the years clinicians have found one
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This allows for the patient to find solutions to his or her problems. Each method of therapy has its different way of treating the problem, all with the ability to find a solution. Humans are all different, and do not think alike. What one form of therapy may be beneficial to one may not have the same effect on another. However, each of these methods has some similarities and differences with some outweighing and being more effective than others. One of the most well known treatments yet the most misunderstood is the psychoanalytical therapy. This therapy is based on the work of Sigmund Freud and he began developing this therapeutic technique in the late 1800s. Psychoanalytical therapy analyzes how an individual’s mind influences thoughts and behaviors. This therapy analyzes and focuses on individual’s experiences from his or her childhood and how those events may contribute to current actions a person life. The therapist spends a large amount of time listening to the client, giving the psychoanalytical therapy the name “talk therapy.” Therapists look for specific patterns or events that could be contributing in their current struggles. It is believed that childhood events, unconscious feelings, thoughts, and motivations play a role in maladaptive behavior and mental illness by psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytical therapy uses free association, role play and dream interpretation as well as

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