Compare And Contrast Zetian And Cleopatra

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Wu Zetian, who ruled China around 690-705 AD, and Cleopatra, who ruled Egypt around 51-31 BC, have several similarities and differences in their situations and ascent to power, their methods of rule, and their achievements and resourcefulness even though their cultures were not the same they were both renowned female rulers in history in their own way. Wu Zetian and Cleopatra achieved their statuses of ruler threw different means. Both women were very educated in politics and used their different abilities to master their goal of becoming rulers of their country. Wu Zetian and Cleopatra were not of the same upbringing. Wu Zetian was born to a rich, noble family whereas Cleopatra was of Macedonia descent and not a native Egyptian. Being from …show more content…
After the death of Ptolemy, Cleopatra pursued Caesar, who was dictator to Rome, because even though Egypt was rich she needed and wanted the military power of Rome. She used her beauty and mutual interests to entice him into becoming her lover. Cleopatra’s wealth and sophistication made Rome nobility jealous and suspicious of Caesar’s allegiances so the Senate assassinated him which crushed her hopes of influence and power. As Empress Wu, she took over administration duties of the court, “a position equal to the emperor,” when Emperor Kao Tsung suffered a stroke. She did things to aid in her success like create secret police forces to keep an eye on whoever opposed her. She also cruelly jailed and killed anyone who stood in her way. After the death of Emperor Kao Tsung, Empress Wu maneuvered a fast one to put her weakest, youngest son into power that way she could rule but behind closed doors. Like Wu Zetian, Cleopatra “poisoned her youngest brother so that she could put her son, Caesarian in his place” ( ). This way she could also rule but behind closed doors. Mark Antony was in control of the Eastern Roman Empire and therefore his need for money lead him to Cleopatra. She was thrilled by this because “she saw this as another chance to achieve her ambition of making Egypt a great power again” ( ).

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