Compare And Contrast Wes Moore

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Wes Moore is the name of two boys living in Baltimore in the same neighborhood and age, but two different paths in their life. Life was difficult for them growing up without a father so they looked up to see in that limited world and follow the only models available" (Moore 178). Both Wes and Wes were lacking in their school having bad grades and a hard time fitting in. One day the other Wes Moore had a fight in football and after being punched, he runs and gets his knife following the words of Tony which were “rule number one: If someone disrespects you, you send a message so fierce that they won‘t have the chance to do it again” (Moore 33). As Wes took his knife running to the boy the police tackle him to the ground and took him to jail and …show more content…
Wes felt he was “becoming too rich for the kids from the neighborhood and too poor for the kids at school” (pg. 54). Knowing that he is going there because of a better curriculum, Wes worried about his reputation more than his education, after just making friends on the basketball court. Wes and Wes are both cultivated by the reasons of what they have to do to fit in to their community.
As the other Wes Moore started to gain ground in his neighborhood, he began to sell drugs and making a lot of money. To make his mother unsuspicious, he told her that he became a successful DJ in the neighborhood. She believed him but Tony didn’t so they fought. To make his brother from following the people in the streets he “had tried to keep Wes in school and away from drugs for as long as Wes could remember” (pg.71). Wes didn’t listen to his brother because his brother was also into selling drugs and it brought easy cash. Wes later left his mother’s house to his girlfriend’s house because his mother took his drugs.
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Wes was a struggling in school first of all. His teachers told his mom that he has a learning disability but actually he wasn’t trying hard enough in school, and he barely attended school when his grandmother dropped them off for school. As one day Nikki was punched in the face, he confronted the guys that punched her and they never bothered her again. Wes was very protective of his family because he was the oldest one in his family. When playing with his friend Shea (a drug runner) in the street, they began to spray paint the walls until confronted by the police man. The police man lets them go and Wes feels like his life was just given back to him. Wes was reported to his mother by the dean telling her he will be put in academic and disciplinary probation because of his grades and the absence of his classes. Joy (Wes’s mother), began to collect money to help Wes’s future. One day Wes was send to military school because of his behavior and his academic failure in school. In the first 4 days of him staying in camp he tried to escape everyday he was there. He called his mother the 4th day asking her to let him come back home, but she told him that she scarified so much for him to be send to this military school even loaning money from people around her. After 2-3 years Wes returned to his neighborhood and was offered many scholarships for athletics too. When Wes was going down the street with his friend he was called a

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