Compare And Contrast Using Public Transportation Vs. Driving Your Own Car

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Register to read the introduction… As we could perceive, the demand for private cars has grown dramatically in the last five years. On one hand speaks well of the good financial situation of citizens and on the other hand, reflects that in the vehicle fleet of Lima, there are vehicles that should be removed after having completed his useful life period. One of the main advantages is the fact that cars do not to follow a permanently route, so drivers can manage to avoid the traffic, in order to get faster to their workplaces, etc. Also moving in your own car allows you to get you into places that public transport does not cover, such us residential zones or places far from metropolitan Lima. In the other hand, driving your own car represents a budget and a permanent expense for our pockets. First of all, because of the increasingly price of fuel, then, as every property needs maintenance which requires a high

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