Compare And Contrast Urban And Urban Life

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Ever pondered what it would be like to go from an urban lifestyle to a rural one? Living in an urban area is living in or near a larger city, where a rural area is way out and is most of the time depicted as farm country. Both lifestyles are vital to our world, and both of them contribute equally to society, but the urban life is more enjoyable and considered more of the ‘American Dream’. In the urban lifestyle, there are many activities and hobbies people can participate in. There is an abundance of water parks, bowling alleys, shopping outlets, and restaurants. Since there are all of these nearby options, urbanites are more apt to enjoy the entertainment in town. The distance between a residence and a desired destination is very minute. …show more content…
Urbanites have many more opportunities for career and job choice due to the population and the need for certain types of industries. Since these jobs and careers are scattered throughout an urban setting, it's almost guaranteed that one's residence is close nearby. Some job fields in urban areas, like medicine, personal care, human resources, and teaching, require extra educacion. In urban cities, colleges and universities can be found to further educacion. Since college is more accessible, urbanites are more likely to have higher levels of education and further go on to great success.
In contrast to the urban setting, living in an urban area is normally depicted as farm country and far out. Like urbanites, ruralists also have many activities they encounter on the daily. Some activities include riding horse, mudding, fixing big trucks and cooking food. Not to mention the mess all of these activities make, ruralists have a unique ideology of what they consider to be
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They both have activities they are involved in, they both have jobs and careers, and they all have reasons and specific plans when it comes to making a trip to town. All of these things keep our world busy and all of these things are very important in our overall contribution to society. Though ruralists are depicted as “Out of Towners” and urbanites are “Cityiots”, these are just labels. Ruralists aren't always dressed in cowboy boots and a straw hat, and urbanites aren't always clueless about the involvement in farms, these are just generalizations. In the end, we are all people just trying to have fun and live up to the ‘American Dream’. Based on claims previously stated, ruralists simply don't have the time for extravagant fun and events, where urbanites are constantly surrounded by

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