Compare And Contrast Unbroken And Catcher In The Rye

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Setting goals is a valuable way to guide one’s self through life. Whether or not humans are trying to meet a goal, often translates into everyday life. This theme is portrayed through Holden Caulfield of Catcher in the Rye and Louie Zamperini of Unbroken. Both experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows at times that coexist with when they are working to achieve more in life. In the novels Unbroken and Catcher in the Rye, everyday life is bettered by having a goal as seen through the contrasting behavior of the characters during times in which they are working to attain more and times in which they have given up.
Though their goals are significantly different, Holden and Louie both lead healthier, more positive lives when they are focused
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Holden experiences instances such as this throughout most of the novel. Holden does not really know what it feels like to succeed for he does poorly in school and has no other real interests. His parents do not seem to be the encouraging type, leaving Holden to wander through the days. When Holden has no goal in mind, he occupies his daily life doing activities he does not enjoy with people he does not want to be with. Not working towards becoming a better person leaves him pessimistic and on edge. Like Louie, he often turns to alcohol. His feelings of uselessness due to his underachieving are so severe that he begs Sally, who he does not really like, to run away with him; having no goals means he has nothing to lose. Unoccupied, his mind wanders to horrible thoughts, greatly affecting his attitude. At one point, he admits he would kill himself but does not want people to see his gory, dead body. For Louie, the air force offered goals that could be achieved almost immediately through successful air raids. Without these missions to make him feel a sense of pride, he had nothing. Without the Olympics to train for, he had nothing. Louie did not know how to function in normal civilian life. Along with that, he was dehumanized to an extreme degree for years. Louie was led down a destructive path. When Louie went through periods …show more content…
Along with goals come standards and stress. As humans, we often set those standards too high, driving us to be let down. The stress that comes with hard work can eat a person alive. A person could become too focused on their goal and forget about everyone and everything else. When you compare those issues with the ones Louie and Holden were faced with, stress and high standards do not look so bad. While these are possible effects of striving for more, finally grasping a goal one has worked tirelessly to reach far outweighs the rest; knowing one’s self can achieve, does so much for a person. Having a goal does not mean it will always be a negative experience, but not having one assures disorientation throughout life.
Life on a daily basis is improved by having goals as portrayed in The Catcher in the Rye and Unbroken. The effects are seen through the differing behavior of Louie and Holden during periods in which they are focused on a goal and periods in which they are not working for anything. Having goals not only makes you a better person when you achieve it, but also while you are working to reach

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