Compare And Contrast Total And Total Blindness

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Have you ever wonder how many people live by only seeing darkness? The majority of people agree that life cannot exist without light. As a matter of fact, many people especially blind people consider blindness as a barrier and life-changer. For example, Tommy Edison who is born blind said “the experience of life as a blind person had to be a little different to me”. One thing that describes this experience is blindness which is an optic nerve disorder divided into total and partial blindness. Total and partial blindness have the same causes and diagnosis; however, they differ in the psychological effect and treatments. While some of the difference between total and partial blindness are salient, the similarities are noticeable.
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Blindness is related to some cornea problems and optic nerves disorder. Furthermore, diseases like diabetes, glaucoma, and stroke can lead to blindness if they become more serious and extreme (2). Also, it is caused by inherited genes that carry this illness from the parents or grandparents (3). Blindness is divided into two types. The first type is total blindness. This type blocks people’s vision, so they can only see darkness (4). The second type is partial blindness. It means that people can barely see things, and they find it hard to differentiate the form or the shape of things around them (4). All in all, both total and partial blindness have similarities and some contrasts. To begin with, total and partial blindness have similarities in the causes, diagnosis, and psychological effects. First of all, they both share some illness that cause the two …show more content…
Total blindness prevents people from seeing while partially blind people have a restricted eyesight. In fact, total blindness and partial blindness are serious diseases, and they are consider more gravely in terms of causes, diagnosis, psychological effects, ,and

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