Essay on Compare and Contrast the Ways

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Compare and Contrast the ways in which the poet describes the breakdown if the relationship. Comment on the effectiveness of their verse-craft I chose to compare the poems: An Anniversary, by Vernon Scannel Dismissal, by John Tripp A Winters Tale, by D.H. Lawrence In the poem “An Anniversary” the poet describes the relationship and it’s breakdown as two leaves on a river, this is and example of ‘Personification’. In contrast to this poem in the poem “Dismissal” Tripp describes the breakdown very much as it was, describing two people in a dreary pub, this is an example of ‘Pathetic …show more content…
“Three years it took for her words to sink in” This shows that although the pain was more than having his finger cut, his brain didn’t register what had happened due to the extent of the pain it would have caused. The man was embarrassed and didn’t want to publicly show his pain . It is a very poignant poem. In “A Winter’s Tale” the poet says: “Yesterday the fields were only grey with scattered snow, And now the longest grass-leaves hardly emerge;” The poet uses imagery to describe the bleak weather and bleakness in the relationship. It may mean that yesterday the snow was scattered so they only had scattered problems in the relationship but now the good things in the relationship, which is the grass, hardly show through all the problems. “I cannot see her, since the mist’s pale scarf Obscures the dark wood and the dull orange sky; But she’s waiting, I know, impatient and cold, half Sobs struggling into her frosty sigh.” This is the

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