Compare And Contrast The Synoptic Gospel And The Gospels

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Register to read the introduction… As seen in the Bible in 2 Timothy 2: 16 and 2 Peter 1:20 to 21.

It all starts from the time of Augustine at about 8430AD, when Christian scholars noted the differences and similarities on the Gospels. Some scholars have heard those that the passages are nearly not identical and are a result of Matthew, Mark and Luke all having used Matthew as their Aromatic source. And many scholars have distorted that because o e nature of the parallel passages, they came from Greek and not Aromatic source.

They have a common use of outline. The synoptic Gospels introduce us to the ministry of John the Baptist, the baptism and the temptation of Jesus Christ. They all talk about the great Galileans ministry, journey and ministry through Samaria, Perea and Judea. They also introduce us to the Passion Week, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They record the same emphasis in the teachings of Jesus. The synoptic Gospels also record the presence, nature and implementation of the kingdom of
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In this the Gospels are unique as compared to other books and therefore they should not be treated or approached like any other books. Another thing is that they were not detected to by the Holy Spirit but, it moved men to write their level of liability using their own languages and personalities.

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What is the synoptic problem? Discuss (briefly) their history and attempted solutions and suggestions to this problem. A mid semester exam presented in partial fulfilment of the course Studies in the Gospels RELB 180

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