Compare And Contrast The Medical Model And The Social Model Of Disability

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The subject of defining disability is one that is controversial and does not often come without emotional attachments. Each person has a different outlook on disability and how it should be viewed or handled depending on their personal feelings, medical status, interactions with disabled individuals, and other personal aspects. It is nearly impossible to universally define disability in just a short sentence or phrase due to the different approaches and beliefs that revolve around it. There are two widely-known models for disability, the Medical Model and the Social Model, that attempt to define the term and explain what should be done for disabled individuals.
The Medical Model of disability defines disability as being a medical problem or
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As Gegor Wolbring states in Fixed, computers and technology have glitches and problems very frequently. If a person’s robotic leg had malfunctions or issues, it could cause the person pain, excess trauma to their body due to falling, and many other medical, and possibly emotional, problems. Technology is a great tool and is incorporated into almost everyone’s lives in one way or another (cell phones, computers, gaming devices, etc.). However, it does not come without problems and complications. The utilization of technology by a disabled person could put the person’s physical and mental health at stake. The feelings and emotions of disabled people are greatly at stake with the Medical Model. As stated in Fixed, when a disabled child recognizes that other disabled people are doing things to “fix” themselves, the child will feel that something is wrong with him or her that needs to be changed. Also, the disabled individuals who are not able to afford the innovational technologies that others are able to afford could feel downgraded and less-than because they are unable to acquire the equipment to help, change, or “fix” them.
The Social Model of disability contradicts the Medical Model. The Social Model defines disability as a societal problem. Followers of the Social Model believe that there is nothing wrong with the disabled person, but the society that the disabled individual must
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If society was able to suddenly changed and everyone was able to view disabled people as being just another person, it might prevent them from receiving help that they need. For example, in Raising Henry, Henry receives currency from the government in the form of therapies in order to become more independent and to practice the ability of expressing himself. In a world where the disabled are viewed as being just like everyone else, it might be harder for them to receive the needed therapies and other assistance from governmental agencies. This could ultimately put the individuals’ health and chance of independent living at stake. On the contrary, advocates for the Social Model may push for more accessibility options for the disabled. Would the extra options accommodate the disabled, or make them feel more segregated from society? Do therapies, like the ones Henry received, accommodate or segregate? It is impossible to know what every disabled individual wants or needs. Therefore, society is unable to make to make decisions that accommodate the wants and needs of every disabled individual. Personally, I don’t believe there could ever be a right answer in defining or handling

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