Compare And Contrast The Impact Of Management And Leadership In Nissan

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As an assessor, I selected to study and assess the Nissan Organization as the model of our assignment, since it demonstrates a perfect model of Leaders taking leads in a very challenging situation and potentially successfully managed to turn it into one of the leader’s organization in profitability and development.

Task 1

(Write a report on HOW and WHY management and leadership approaches lead organizations to develop and implement successful strategies)

A.C.1.1 ( discuss and explain the link between strategic management and leader in Nissan ) In order to understand the link between the strategic management and leadership in Nissan, we first need to understand this link in general and then try to apply it with evidence in Nissan.
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A.C.1.2 ( Compare and contrast the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions in Nissan )
Leadership styles changes and depends on leaders personality, organization flexibility and traditions, and workers interests and backgrounds. And that is why leaders should be flexible to be able to change / emerge their styles upon situations and organization missions / visions changes. The leadership styles mainly is a manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people ( Handout, leadership Styles ) . the most important leadership styles are Autocratic Style, Democratic Style, and Laissez Faire Style. But still exist other styles – will not be included in our assignment – like
( Leadership styles presentation, )
Purposeful Leadership , where the leader and the community share a common purpose to develop, as major project that would affect the country economy and required authority and commitment to be
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I will do everything in my power to bring Nissan back to profitability at the earliest date possible and revive it as a highly attractive company” ( case study, annual shareholder meeting, Page 4).
2- The pessimism environment surrounding Nissan mission, that he sounded out from some of the leading authorities on Japan “ Ghosn concluded that if he continued listening to this advice he may as well pack his bags and head back to France” ( case study, paragraph 3, page 3).
3- Nissan organization behavior – before Ghosn - does not support any leader styles practice, that leads to separate working teams and departments. Nissan organization look as if isolated islands and teams working with lack of communication. That behavior of Nissan does not allow any objective or firmed consultancy concerning the targeted strategic goals.” Ghosn had been amazed at the lack of communication across functions, borders and hierarchical lines” , “ he noted “ I want to destroy this spirit” ( case study, page

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