Compare And Contrast The Gif Of The Magi And The Necklace

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Synthesis Essay
Isn’t it amazing how similar people can be even when faced with different situations? “The Necklace,” by Guy De Maupassant, a story about how a selfish woman lead her and her to the life of poverty all because she wanted to look nice with a necklace. Meanwhile, Della Young, a character in the “The Gif of the Magi,” by O’Henry, in love with her husband decides to sell her hair to get her husband a fob chain for his watch as a Christmas present, which ends up being useless as he had already sold his watch to get her combs for her hair. These two ladies may be alike because of they had to make sacrifices to get the stuff they needed, but they differ from how they got themselves in their sticky situation. The fact that Mathilde

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