Similarities Between French Revolution And Russian Revolution

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Both the French Revolution of the late 18th century and the Russian Revolution of the early 20th century share a few similarities. Both countries had a monarchy with a ruler that could not properly assist his people, specifically the classes that were heavily taxed on. However, Russia had a pre-revolution in 1905 to express to Tsar Nicholas II the dissatisfaction his people had with his leadership. Both revolutions were successful in overthrowing the monarchy, however, the years after the revolution demonstrate which was the more successful.
France was split into the clergy, nobility, and everyone else (peasants and the Bourgeois) and these three created the three orders in the King’s General Estate that would “advise” him; however, the third estate had very little say, even though most the French population was considered to be a part of that order. In Russia, majority of the population were peasants
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When the Tsar refused to reform to his people’s needs, he was eventually executed and led to the rise of Communism and the Soviet Union. The country was impoverished and exhausted from the civil war and from participating in World War I and it led for easy control by Lenin in hopes to create an economic relief. In France, while the country was taken over by Napoleon after the revolution, still had issues after Napoleon about who should rule and what kind of government the country should have. The Soviet Union was created in 1920 and lasted for decades with the help of Stalin after Lenin’s death. Even though his plans to force the country and its people to industrialize under a few decades led to starvation and death, the country became strong enough to fight again. The revolution had a bigger impact in the years following with the rise of Stalin and the dramatic change from an agricultural country to an industrialized one through starvation and possible genocide (specifically in

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