The Hunger Games Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The Hunger Games is based on a dystopian novel by the American writer Suzanne Collins. The novel tackles severe issues such as poverty, starvation, oppression and the effects of war among others. The citizens starvation and the scarcity of resources that they are suffering from, both in and outside the arena, creates an atmosphere of weakness that the main characters try to conquer during their fight of survival. After the novel's success in the market, the film was released in 2012 and was directed by Gary Ross. The movie, one of the first science fiction- romance genre, takes place in the future land in which people are divided into twelve districts based on their status. Two years later The Divergent was released in 2014 and was directed …show more content…
Unlike the hunger games, the countryside provides natural resources as well as renewable energy and food resources which means that people do not have to compete with each other for survival. On the other hand, in The Hunger Games there were 12 different districts based on the players 'social class and wealth status which means that there is no equality between the people. Both films have aspects in common such as the constant surveillance and the over controlling government however, some argue that the Divergent has a better dystopia as people have more freedom in terms of choosing whether to enter the games or not and which faction they will later belong to unlike the characters in the hungers games which have no choice but to accept the decision. Therefore, this leads to a crucial point that people believe that the divergent deserves more credit to the hunger games because when compared to the real-life situations, people usually have the freedom to choose their own decisions and therefore they believe that the film is more

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