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Attitude Survey Paper
Lola Shannon
September 24, 2011
Stephanie Mead

Attitude Survey Paper The purpose of this survey is to show the relationship between social anxieties, fruits/vegetable, food consumption, dieting, and eating attitudes. The behavior between physical and weight control, cigarette smoking and how much fruits/vegetable is consumption is examined within this study. The (EAT) “Eating Attitudes Test” is used around the world as a measure for self reports and eating disorders. Garner and Garfinkel developed the test to measure anorexia nervosa symptoms in (1979). The scores on the EAT-26 derive as the sum of the composite items, ranging from 0-53, with a score of 20 on the EAT-26 used as the cut off (Garner
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Click the link for more information. unrealistic physical factor. In an attempt to achieve the 'ideal' physique women may engage in pathological dieting and eating behaviors (Brownell, 1991). The consequence of a serious pathological diet of eating behavior is a disorder. Multifaceted is an eating disorder and originate diverse of set antecedent. According to Tchividjian, Leary and Kraxverger (1994), the concerns of self presentational is another eating disorder of antecedent. They went on to say that omission and selective presentation stems from self presentation of self aspects that creates the desire of impressions that avoid an impression of undesired feelings. Therefore, conceive peoples’ concerns of regards of other that may have an increase of risk with pathological eating and the behavior of dieting with the attempt of an conveyed positive impression. Researches have found that there is a relationship between correlates eating disorder and concerns of self presentation with anxiety of social evaluation. People with eating disorder have negative fears of evaluation that stems from other peoples’ physical or weight problem. Social physique represent the factor of conceived risk factor of develop eating disorder, especially if the person is frequently physique evaluative. One group of people at risk for eating disorder and self presentations’ regarding physique are the people who have

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