Compare And Contrast Teaching And Learning Disabilities

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Bender,W.(2008).Learning Disabilities Characteristic, Identification and Teaching Strategies(6th ed.) Boston,MA: Pearson Education Incorporation.
In recent decade it has been hard to identify students with a learning disability and ADHD. The author states that there are many similarities between learning disabilities and ADHD. Hyperactivity, lack of staying on task during activity and assignments, being disorganized are characteristics found in both groups. Barkley that 60% of students with a learning disability does have ADHD. However other Health Professionals believe that ADHD and learning disabilities are both actually apart of the same group. For instance in the late 1970 a student would have a learning disability if the student was falling behind grade level and could not focus during class lesson or activities. Furthermore the
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Retrieved February 3, 2016, from This website is designed for parents, caretakers or individuals diagnosed with ADHD. The CHADD website expressed the importance of being evaluated. The evaluation is called a comprehensive evaluation. Comprehension Evaluations consist of surveys, checklist and question completed by parent, teacher and physicians. On the website there is a tab that is labeled “Support”. Under this section it give resources and tips, daily blogs, local support groups in your neighborhood concerning ADHD.
The treatment of child with ADHD needs a behavioral and psychological intervention plan. The plan will include behavioral therapy for the family, educational training for the family, support groups for the family and medication from professionals. CHADD states that working with the Health Care provides help to make treatment accommodate to individual needs. There is no cure for ADHD but there is a cure for mental health. In receiving an intervention plan services will be received in a general education

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