Compare And Contrast Stotles Ethics And Aristotle's Ethics

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Stoic 's Ethics and Aristotle 's Virtues can be compared and contrasted in various ways, but in order to understand their similarities and differences we need to fully comprehend them individually. In this Essay I will be defining each theory and then comparing and differentiating them.

The Stoic 's Ethics come from the belief of pursuing happiness, and that the way to reach such happiness is through living in agreement with nature. Leaving in agreement with nature means that people should believe and accept events that happen in their lives. Stoicism is known as a theory named eudaimonist, which means that all we, humans, fight and live for is to find our happiness or flourishing point. Stoics believe that everything happens for a reason and that we will always benefit from anything bad that
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Aristotle defines a well lived life as a virtuous life. Aristotle calls happiness an activity, which means that instead of seeing happiness as something we feel or are, we should see it as something we do. Our actions make us happy, and being virtuous should cause happiness. So, living a successful life means living a happy life. Living well and being successful can also bring happiness and can also be seen as a virtuous life.

The first similarity we see between Stoic Ethics and Aristotle 's Virtues is that they both agree that the way to achieve eudaimonia (happiness) is through a virtue. Both theories believe in moderation and they believe that moderation is part of a virtuous life. However, Aristotle believes that moderation is a quality of virtue. Aristotle 's belief comes from giving people the chance to know when something is negative or positive in their lives and choosing to appreciate the good things in life with moderation. On the other hand, Stoics do not see moderation as a quality of

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