Persuasive Speech On Superpowers

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“He swung from one building to the next; defying the laws of gravity, while in pursuit of a speeding car”. We all wish we could do that. But unfortunately, in this ordinary world where so much is beyond our control, we often fantasize about how it would be if we had superpowers. Maybe this is the reason we are so fascinated by Super Heroes. Who can imagine swinging from skyscrapers or having X-ray vision? Their world, we know, is not rooted in reality but there is something about it that keeps us wanting more. The most prominent and well liked of these amazing crusaders have to be Spiderman and Batman. Though both of them are superheroes, they differ in their alter egos, superpowers and public relations.

Believe it or not, even superheroes need reality checks. It’s too bad they can’t strut around town in their ultra-cool outfits and reveal their true identity. When they are not busy
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But what if a super hero does not have ultra-super powers? Does that ring any bells? Well of course, our very own Batman! For those of you who didn’t know, Bruce Wayne was not born with super human strength, he trained himself to physical perfection. The death of his parents drove him to achieve the peak of his physical and intellectual perfection. Thus, superpowers are not all that define superheroes. Batman’s lack of superpowers does not stop him from “kicking ass”. He portrays himself as dark and mysterious, in an attempt to intimidate his enemies. I’m guessing that’s his way of telling people to “back off”. Both of them also use their scientific expertise to create gadgets to assist them in their battles. Spiderman creates his own mechanical web shooters that release nylon based webs that enable him with his swinging antics. Batman on the other hand has himself equipped with an all purpose Utility Belt and his Bat mobile, which more than compensates for his lack of super

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