Compare And Contrast Siegmund And Beowulf

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After defeating Grendel, the vicious monster that was terrorizing the Danes, Beowulf was rewarded with fame, glory, and treasure. Amidst the celebration, the point of view is flashed back to another time when Siegmund, a great warrior who killed the treasure-rich dragon, foundered as a result of his vanity and pride. In this passage, Siegmund and Beowulf are being juxtaposed because of their similar triumphs and because they both earned many gifts for their feats. However, through a reassured tone, the narrator juxtaposes Beowulf to Siegmund to depict that Beowulf will not endure the same tragic ending as Siegmund did. In addition, the narrator characterizes Beowulf as the opposite of Siegmund: giving, gracious, and selfless. These traits,

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