Both Sides Of Moral Education

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Both Sides of Moral Education As American culture demands more and more education to be successful in society, it is imperative that the American public school system is teaching its students the skill it will need to be successful in an ever more competitive job market. With this goal in mid, STEM classes have been shoved down school board’s throats in an effort to take the curriculum in a more scientific direction, but what about the moral develop of America’s youths? As American society becomes more and more fast paced, rigorous, and disconnected due to technology, teaching the coming generations what morality is and giving them the opportunity to be moral is becoming more and more important. As a future education, I am well aware of the …show more content…
Discussing in a safe environment the different sides of a moral situation allows students to imagine and pretend with what-if scenarios. A classroom is the perfect experiment space for students to test out their own theories. It allows them to see their peer’s response and receive some feedback but in a consequence free way. It also shows them what is accepted by society and what is not. A discussion can also be used to open students up to different ways of approaching a situation or moral dilemma. Finally, a classroom discussion about morality with moral exemplars provided can work to teach students about morality through imitation. Just like other social norms, adolescents learn what is social accepted and expected of them by watching and learning from others (Sandtrock, 2016). I, as the adult, facilitator, and perceived expert, can help further their character moral development but giving them examples to learn from. On the same note, if I were to include information about people society has shamed for not being moral, Adolf Hitler, I would be applying to a different form of learning. Students learn by example and by consequences (Santrock, 2016). Showing my students how society has frowned upon and further punished, whether by exile, imprisonment, and even death, those that have acted in extreme morality may help to prevent them from doing

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