Compare And Contrast Sammy Sosa And Roberto Clemente

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Everyone needs a role model to look up to in their lives. Young men, especially, need a good man to admire and try to be like. Sometimes we have dads or uncles or grandfathers who are good, but other times we have to look outside our families. Even boys with good fathers, sometimes prefer to look to famous people. Sports heros and actors are popular choices. Two sportsmen who are worthy of being called role models, and maybe even heroes, for their work outside of baseball are Sammy Sosa and Roberto Clemente. Roberto Clemente and Sammy Sosa are both baseball players who got very successful with their careers and moved on two big teams they were able to help out their family. First let’s start off with Roberto Clemente he was a good guy …show more content…
Sammy Sosa is a very great man. He is generous because he donates time and money. Sammy Sosa’s awards he had four in 1998 he got national league most valuable player award, 1999 hank Aaron award, 1998 sports illustrated sportsperson of the year, and in 1999 he got a humanitarian of the year ESPY award which means excellence in sports performance yearly. Sammy Sosa join the clubs in 1992 Sosa had his hand broken when he got traded from the white sox to the Chicago clubs let just say Sammy Sosa was a great player. He had a lot of contracts that would offer him money to play for their teams because of how good he was it was hard for him to choose because he didn't know which to pick. Sammy Sosa was one of the contenders in the home run race against Mark McGwire won with 70 home runs while Sammy Sosa lost with 66 home runs it was a little bit of a challenge for him.
Comparing Sammy Sosa and Roberto Clemente. Sammy Sosa and Roberto Clemente are both Latin players that have impacted our society greatly. They have both won the Most Valuable Player award, which makes them sports legends. But what these players have done off the ball field makes them sports heroes. They are both good baseball player that enjoyed playing helped out there family both had a lot for brothers and sister they start off playing baseball when they were little with a can and a

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