Compare And Contrast Walt Whitman's Poetry

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American literature is the literature written in United States by an American writers such as; novels, poems and stories. America state has many poets who have been America's most influential writers. Two of those famous poets were Walt Whitman and Robert Forst. Who became famous through their poems and they were two from the 20 of America’s iconic writers which has been published in AmericanProfile to celebrate the American sprits by Stuart Englert in January 2011 . The following paragraph will compare and contrast between those two famous poets.
Walt Whitman (1819 -1892) was born in West Hills, New York . He was one of America's greatest poets. His got so famous after publishing his poetry collection Leaves of Grass and his poem O Captain! My Captain!.
Robert Frost (1874 - 1963) was born in California and raised in New England. He was honored four time by Pulitzer Prize winner in San Francisco. His best-known poems were After Apple- Birches, Mending Wall, and The Road Not Taken, Picking and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Most of his poetry were about New England countryside which he was his opinions about Boston, Vermont, and New Hampshire. He has been called a regional poet, a provincial poet and a naturalist poet
Walt Whitman and Robert Frost shared many similarities. First one; that they were both
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Using completely different forms and structures, both share similar focuses on countryside life and themes of human philosophy. Both Frost and Whitman wrote for all of America and Europe. In their poet they dealt with pieces of nature and human nature. The primary difference between the two poets is their general view of the world. Whitman was admired America. In contrast, Frost was a doubtful poet who adopted a logical attitude while he was looking for an answers to the life’s

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