Robert Frost Romanticism

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The key ideas of British romanticism and how Frost’s poetry is similar or different from that.
The romantic age of England ranged between 1780 and 1830. The Age of Romanticism or the very ideology of romanticism was a reaction against the Age of Enlightenment emphasizing upon the significance of reason and logical faculty of human mind. Romanticism primarily emotion and imagination which play an instrumental role in creation of art and poetry. Romantic poetries were essentially subjective as well as individualistic. The romantics valued nature, primitivism and rurality over anything else. Thus nature for the romantics becomes a means for divine revelation and an active motivator for the exercise of creativity. American poet Robert Frost confirms himself to the romantic tradition of
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Frost’s poems are lyrical that brings out the despair and melancholy creeping into an American mind out of the fulfillment of human hopes, dreams and aspiration of a better world. His poetry aims at developing a human act in a non-human world which has meaning in terms of the world man really resides in.
The above mentioned traits of Robert Frost being similar to British notion of Romanticism will, hereby, be clarified through references from few of his poems. In the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’, “the yellow wood” refers to the season of autumn which plays an important role in the romantic writings as autumn stands as a season of harvest when nature is at the climax of creation that can be equated with a romantic poet’s creative endeavor often termed as frenzy. It is also a period of transition from lifeless bleaky winter to the short-lived, bright summer. In this very poem, Frost emphasizes upon the fact of him following a path unconventional and generally rejected by others. Among the two ways diverging in the wood, he chose the way less traversed. Here we come across the archetypal dilemma, as mentioned earlier, of whether to choose luxury urbanity or solace in

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