Compare And Contrast Rick Bass And Wat Hemingway

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“Antlers” and “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” - Compare/Contrast
Rick Bass and Ernest Hemingway are two superb writers who created very different stories that hold the same values. Both stories have varying amounts of similarities and differences, such as motifs and themes, but in the end the pieces ultimately show how isolation and a meaningless storyline can represent something more than what it seems. By including the author 's life experiences and background, the final thoughts about each story can be explored into even further and deeper. Through this comparison of "Antlers" and "A Clean, Well Lighted Place," we will be able to see the similarities and differences in characters, setting, authors lives, and other aspects alike.
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First and foremost, Rick Bass is generally not as popular as a writer and has not been written about as much in comparison to Ernest Hemingway. This limits what literature there is to be researched, for example, biographies. Despite this obstacle, the lives of both authors give insight to their stories, making them in some cases more understandable and fluid. Bass has a deep background related very closely to the “outdoors,” and his writing shows it. Also, it has been stated that Hemingway “learned to hunt, fish and appreciate the outdoors” (Bio). Reading “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” would give no indication of this, unlike Bass’s “Antlers,” as the rural type of setting in Hemingway’s writing appears practically nonexistent. His military background is what really stands out, but only the negative aspects such as despair and loneliness. In fact, his real life premonitions about suicide and later successful suicide adds even more background information to the story. The older waiter in his story states that the elderly man has tried to kill himself, and the younger waiter even hints at the man to commit suicide. This theme of mortality was evident in Hemingway 's life, and in this specific story of his he has transitioned it into writing. Having a “coincidence” like this adds more conspiracy and meaning to the story, something that “Antlers” just does not have. Despite these life events, each of the authors do have relatable experiences that can be found in their

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