Compare And Contrast Rationalism And Puritanism

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God is the creator of all humanity, at least that’s one thing Rationalists and Puritans agree on. Rationalism and Puritanism use a lot of similar techniques, however, they are two very contrasting forms of literary movements. Throughout history Puritan beliefs have been focused on christian ideals and customs and have been centered mainly around God and Christianity. While Rationalism has been mainly focused on humanity and it’s impact on God rather than God’s impact on humanity. However, both of these movements are similar in the sense that they both valued God and believe that God has an impact on our lives one way or another.

The Puritan culture came to America in the 1600s immigrating from Europe. They were a group of reformed protestants who sought to purify the church of England from all Roman Catholic practices. They were a strict society who believed God was above all and they weren’t very tolerant of other religions or christian sects. A way for them to connect with God was to use writing to explore the inner and outer workings of God. Each aspect of Puritan writing was influenced by the bible and was used to even influence their government.

Probably the most popular and descriptive piece of writing that was written during this time
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Puritanistic writing mainly focuses on the idea of living to please god in order to reach heaven, while rationals try to live a heaven on earth pleasing themselves and God. An analogy which may make both of these concepts easier to understand is if an apple fell from a tree and hit a Puritan on the head they would ask God why it happened. If an apple fell from a tree and hit a Rationalist they would find out themselves how it

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