Persuasive Essay: Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

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Private versus public is a very common topic of debating, and for a long time have being a topic of concert. People trying to figure out which one better for our children. Some people believe that private schools are superior in academic achievement than public schools. Other believe that public schools have more real life experience and more athletic programs. What are the differences, and what are the similarity of public and private school.
Private school have a lot to offer to our children. For example, smaller class room, better student discipline, better learning environment and more individual attention. All this is what parents want for their children, to be better than other children, more specifically than public school student.
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It give students the opportunity to keep learning even after the school bell. It is a different approach to students to learn differently. In private school we do not see much of after school activities. Students after school have to go home, they do not have the opportunity to socialize with other students in school ground by clubs and sports.
Even though public and private school seem so different there are some similarity. Like the fact that both school use test to know what level the new student is. Both school have more challenging courses for those student who are ready for the challenge. For both school the safety of the students are the most important thing in an everyday basic. Also if you want to graduate from any of this two schools you need the required credits.
Private school seem to be reserved to students whose parents have the money to pay those high intuition and public school is more for people who does not have the money to give their children the best education possible. Both school have being trying to do the same exact thing that is to teach the students as much as possible as well as possible. They may have different approach and one seem better than the other, but both approach is for the same goal, which is make the future leader for this

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