Compare And Contrast The Polices Of Socialism Vs Capitalism

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The polices of socialism are more preferable than the polices of capitalism.
In a socialist state, people are given the freedom to express their views in a free manner. Workers are given freedom to put forward their demands and give sufficient time for the employer to grant their demands in a reasonable manner. Failing which they could go on strike till their demands are met. All this could take place in a socialist state. In reality, they could expect the employer to grant them at least some of their demands.
But in a capitalist state the employer could take drastic action to stop the workers going on strike even though their demands may be reasonable. If the workers insist and go on strike, the employer under a capitalist state could
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In a capitalist state few people are benefited. The way of administration is such that there will never be a place for the poor or middle class. A baseless fear is always harbored that if the government gives in to most of the demands of the working class the rich and the high class people will never have a proper place. The capitalist way of thinking is that an economy of a country should always be controlled by the well to do people and the rich. It is only then they feel that their future is in safe hands. That is why the demands of the workers are always turned down. The economy of the country cannot be controlled or kept at a stable rate if they give in to the workers. This is the despotic view of the capitalist class of …show more content…
In a capitalist state more and more rules and regulations will be introduced and there will not be any freedom for the common man. Justice and fair-play will be a thing of the past. Might is right. The poor man will always be poor. The rich will always dominate. The ordinary man will have to tolerate what ever the rich and mighty people do. In a capitalist state there is no way to live and let live, forgive and forget. The common man has no say. As such it is always better to have a socialist state than having a capitalist state.
Considering all the facts written earlier I fully endorse a socialist way of life where so much of relief could be expected by the poor and middle class people.
Even the price of goods in a socialist governed country is reasonable, but not so in a capitalist state where the sole aim is to make profit. One could easily judge the difference in the two economies.
To avoid friction and unrest in the country let us all do our best to protect a socialist form of government. It is good for all of us as we could live a contended life in a socialist state away with capitalist views .
Let us think positive in a socialist way of life in a socialist

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