The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Theme Essay

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The Perks of being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky and Looking for Alaska by John Green both are similar books with the same themes but they also have their differences with the way the story takes place. Both stories focus on a boy in high school trying to get by, these boys don’t know anyone but soon become friends with other people. Within the stories there are many ups and downs, many challenges the characters face, but solutions are found for all the problems. The two books focus on the themes of friendship, coming of age, and suffering. The books tell a message with their themes. With these three themes the books teach people to accept things that have happened, while still living your life, and learning about life, and friendship. The …show more content…
Miles has no friends back home and end ups deciding he wants to go to a boarding school for his junior year of high school. When he arrives there, he meets his roommate Chip who prefers the name “The Colonel”, and then he meets Alaska when the two boys go to buy cigarettes off of her. The book shows Miles two friends are real friends because they are always there for him and they can talk about anything together. Miles gets pranked one of his first nights of his stay, when he tells The Colonel and Alaska about it they say that they will help get the ones who pranked him back, they are always there to help him. Then one night when they are drinking, they play a game called best day/worst day, this shows that they can share personal stuff with each other, something only real friends would do. After Alaska dies the colonels and Miles friendship only grows stronger, “We met and I held him, my hands balled into tight fists around his shoulders, and he wrapped his shorts arms around me and squeezed tight, so that I felt the heaves of his chest as we realized over and over again that we were still alive.” (Green, 54) The quote is about after Alaska’s death. The two friends try to find out why she died, if it was suicide or not, but they never could. One day after figuring out a logical theory about why she died, they go to the place she was killed it was then that they embraced each other. They had gone through all the pain, from hearing she died, to blaming themselves, to trying to find the answer to why she did it, they had gone through all that together. No matter how much to hurt them they stayed together and fought the pain they were both feeling together, the way true friends

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