Compare and Contrast of the Army and the Marines Essay

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Compare and Contrast of the Army and the Marine Corps
Gary W. McCoy
ENG 121
Julie Alfaro
November 1, 2010

Compare and Contrast of the Army and the Marine Corps The United States Armed Forces are the military forces of the United States. They consist of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. Although the United States Army and Marine Corps are both primarily ground- based forces and offer many similar career fields, the two branches are different in some very crucial areas. To accurately compare and contrast the services, it is important to look at their overall missions and career fields. The Army has its roots in the Continental Army which was formed on 14 June 1775 to meet the demands of the American
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Certain members of the US Army, such as the Army Rangers, have training which is similar to that received by the Marines. The question of who has the better training, the Marines or the Army, has bedeviled many a volunteer trying to choose a service and has been the cause of more than a few bar brawls. The answer, however, is not so easy to come up with. If you want to know who produces the better common soldier, I would have to say the Marine Corps. Who has the better combat brigade? I would probably say the Army has the better brigade. At the level of the common soldier, the typical U.S. Marine is better trained than the typical soldier of the U.S. Army. Basic training, or "boot camp," is the fundamental training that all enlisted and commissioned recruits are required to undergo before beginning active service in either the U.S. Army or Marine Corps. At the elementary level of boot camp plus follow-on schools, the Marine Corps has better and more demanding training than the Army. Army Basic Combat Training (BCT, their equivalent of boot camp) lasts 11 weeks, whereas the Marine Corps boot camp lasts 13. Also, the Marine Corps basic training is widely considered to be tougher and more intense. In conclusion, the Army and Marine Corps both have some of the same capabilities. In contrast the main difference is in their theatre of operation. Being a member of the United States Armed Service is a job

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