Compare And Contrast Nutrish And Sheba

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Nutrish and Sheba are two different ads promoting their brand of cat food in the Southern Living magazine. Although both companies are advertising the same kind of product and target cat owners, each one targets a specific type of cat owner. The Nutrish ad focuses more on the healthy part of a cat’s diet. Nutrish targets those cat owners who want the healthiest meal for their cat or cats. The Sheba cat food focuses more on what the cat will love or what tastes the best to them. Sheba targets those cat owners who love to pamper their cats and will give them whatever will most please their cat or cats. Nutrish and Sheba both promote the same product, cat food, with the intention of targeting different types of cat owners. Nutrish focuses on …show more content…
While they both are targeting cat owners each one is targeting a different type of cat owner. The Nutrish ad is more effective at presenting their product to their audience than the Sheba ad does. The Nutrish ad can grab the reader’s attention with their use of imagery and background the ad takes place in, while the Sheba ad is unable to grab that reader’s attention and lacks the context needed to keep the reader’s attention, although they are able to appeal to the readers emotions through imagery. Overall the Nutrish ad is much more effective than the Sheba is able to because they are able to; grab the reader’s attention, simply yet effectively promote their product, and are able to appeal to the reader with imagery and with their bold slogan that can create a sense of trust with the company because of how they word and format their slogan. The Sheba ad falls short of being as effective towards their target audience than as the Nutrish ad is able to do. The Sheba ad is not as effective because they have no attention grabber, they lack the context needed to properly promote their product, and, although they do a good job at appealing to the reader’s emotions, they are not able to follow up with why or how their product is the perfect size or perfect food for the cat or cats. Both brands are promoting the same product, cat food, all while targeting different types of cat owners, but Nutrish is the more effective ad at promoting their product to their desired

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