Similarities Between Nsamenang And Erick Erickson's Theories

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For the sake of my argument, A Bame. Nsamenang and Erick Erickson’s theories will be used in the following essay. With Erik Erickson representing the westernised culture around development and B Nsamaneng will represent the more cultural aspect of development as a human being. Eurocentric or a westernised culture can be defined as the focus or more narrow sized lens of the world based on European culture, history and values as being used as the universal standing of the world – excluding the other cultures that exist in the world. In light of this definition, it is quite apparent why Nsamenang would strongly believe that the field of psychology is Eurocentric. With a more Eurocentric/westernised version of developmental psychology, then many …show more content…
What is not taken into consideration by Erikson is that the way his somewhat 8 stages are set up are quite restricting. At each stage you are given a situation that you are meant to deal with in a certain manner and if you do not resolve it the way you should, then you do not go onto the next stage. Meaning you do not gain any development in your character. And that is a limitation because there are more than 7 billion people in the world, there meaning there are many cultures and socio-contexts in the world. With that being said, a western view on development will not complement every culture and belief there is in the world, putting limitations on Erikson’s theory. Because this theory is made to raise the Eurocentric child, provided they have can have easier access to the environment, resources and history that is required to go through Erikson’s developmental stages. However in his theory what is evident is that a sense of individuality and this notion of westernised “freedom” is brought forward. There is hardly an mention of communal building and communal socialization , but rather sense of doing whatever you can to please yourself, financially, emotionally and

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