Compare And Contrast My Under Operant Conditioning

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In the 1890’s, the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov discovered classical conditioning via dogs and meat powder. John Watson introduced classical conditioning in advertising after losing his job to an affair. Classical conditioning occurs when one pairs two stimuli numerous times, in a format that generally implies that an action occurs due to a stimulus, as in Pavlov’s dog experiment.
Classical conditioning is an aspect of behaviorism used in everyday things such as advertising by relating one thing to another such as the McDonald’s theme song. When you hear that badabababa you may automatically think “I’m loving it” and nowadays, you need only hear the tune to know it’s McDonald’s. The same process occurs in high school with the bell. My
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Positive reinforcement occurs when one rewards a behavior with some kind of treat at the end of the behavior. Punishment occurs when you deter a behavior with disciplinary action. A great example for both of these involves children. One might consider how they will raise their children and look to positive reinforcement and punishment. In the case of positive reinforcement, the person might consider telling a bratty child that if they are good for the day they will get a new toy whereas in the case of punishment they may tell the child a fit will provoke a …show more content…
In my grandparent 's home, my main home, they tried to use positive reinforcement on me. So when I was good, they would reward me. However, they also tended to give in and give me what I wanted to avoid a fight, therefore inflicting negative reinforcement. With my mother, punishment was inflicted. If I acted out, I was spanked or sentenced to a corner or my room. My mother believed that the best way to deter a behavior was to pair it with an unpleasant occurrence and therefore used positive punishment with me. In my father 's house, however, my stepmother called the shots. If I were to do something that was undesirable, such as a fight with my siblings over a toy or play too loudly, I would generally get said toy taken from me, and occasionally given to a sibling to play with instead of me. This would be an example of negative

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